Thursday, April 3, 2014

Up And Around

Over spring break, Julie’s family was going to Thailand. However, Julie couldn’t go since her grades weren’t up to par and her parents were not pleased with that fact. Her family left for the airport and Julie plopped herself on the couch and kind of started sulking. Damien was going to Miami over spring break with his friends so that didn’t help make matters better.

The door rang. Julie paced to the door thinking it was just the mailman or someone. And what do you know, Damien was standing there with a huge backpack strapped over his shoulders. Royally surprised, Julie played it cool and invited Damien in. “I thought you were going to Miami,” Julie asked.
“I was, but I figured a week with you in an empty house would be more fun,” replied Damien. Smirking, Julie walked inside and Damien followed suit. As soon as the door was closed, Julie pushed Damien against the door and kissed his neck, almost immediately pulling away.

She then candidly turned around and walked into the kitchen. Right before reaching the counter, she turned back and gave Damien this seductive smile with lustful eyes. After getting all the ingredients out and putting it on the counter, Julie started making a sandwich. Damien went up behind Julie and asked her, “Are you making me a sandwich?”
Julie let out a slight laugh and said, “Maybe.”
“Way to go all 9gag on me,” Damien chuckled. He then moved her hair to one side and started kissing the back of her neck. This warm sensation rippled through Julie as goosebumps arose. One deep breath after another, she struggled to maintain a straight face whilst making food for Damien. He moved his arms so they were around her, his hands holding hers, with his pelvis right up against her. Leaning forward, her ass inched closer to him. Out of nowhere, Damien walked away. The roles reversed since she was the one who now wanted more.

Damien went and laid down on the couch. Leaving her sandwich making process, Julie strutted towards Damien and climbed on top of him. She was facing him, one knee bent on either sides of his legs. She tied her hair up and we all know exactly what that means. Unbuckling his belt and undoing his button and zip, Julie stripped Damien somewhat so she could start blowing him. She started by gently licking the tip but then went on to deep-throating alternating with jacking him off. Damien closed his eyes and let the ecstasy take over him.

After a while, Damien led Julie up to his level and was about to kiss her when she jerked away. “What,” questioned Damien.
“I was JUST blowing you, and you want to kiss me now?” Julie was puzzled. Damien let out a slight laugh and pulled Julie towards him and kissed her after telling her, “Don’t worry about it.”

Having her clit rubbed through her yoga pants, Julie started grinding against Damien. Although, she stopped immediately and let out the longest staggered breath as soon as Damien slipped his hands under her pants and under her black lacy thong. He slipped in one finger but that wasn’t enough for her. “More,” Julie demanded. Then he slipped in two fingers but Julie still wasn’t satisfied. “Try one more,” pleaded Julie.
“I don’t know if I can,” replied Damien. He tried and tried. Only after a while, when Julie was soaking, did Damien manage to slip in a third finger. “Fuck this shit,” Julie kind of angrily blurted. Well, more frustrated than angry. She stood up and whilst taking her yoga pants off along with her underwear, Julie demanded Damien to strip as well.

After they both were completely naked, Julie pushed Damien back onto the couch - for he had gotten up to strip. They went back to their original position except this time Julie was riding Damien. After finally managing to slide Damien’s hard, big, pulsing cock inside her, she gently swayed her hips around and around. Leaning her head all the way back, she could feel the sexual tension being somewhat released. Damien couldn’t help but stare at her glorious tits kind of bouncing as she started riding him faster and faster.

“Get up and turn around,” commanded Damien. Julie loved how demanding he was. She followed his words and turn around and got on all fours. With one hand, he held Julie’s waist and with the other he slid his cock inside her, more so than ever, wet cunt. Once he was in, he grabbed the other side of her waist with his free hand and pulled her in so fast whilst ramming her so hard with his throbbing dick. She screamed out as the pleasure surpassed the pain.

He impulsively spanked her but immediately stopped. “Harder,” Julie barely managed to croak out between moans. Damien guessed that meant that Julie liked it. He spanked her even harder this time. “Again,” Julie more commanded than requested. He spanked her several more times before going full throttle on her. With both of them going at it faster and faster, Julie felt her legs starting to tremble. With one last moan of pure ecstasy, Julie orgasmed seconds before Damien pulled out and finished on her so very round and perfectly toned ass.

After cleaning herself up, Julie came back from the bathroom telling Damien of the huge bruise that was forming on her butt. He chuckled, pulled her in, and picked her up as their lips collided. Smiling, he put her down. She went back to the kitchen to finish making the sandwich. After she was done, the both of them sat down to eat. Julie then grabbed a bottle of Gatorade from the fridge and tossed it at Damien telling him to “Get ready for round two.” After winking at him, Julie opened up her bottle and took a sip. ‘This girl’ Damien thought to himself as he let out a slight smirk.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Damien played with the straps of the back of Julie’s dress as she sat on his lap. Tracing his fingers along her back, he exhaled warm breaths down her back. They were both sitting outside on the porch of the frat they were at. Everyone who was outside had come out for fresh air after all the drinking and music going on inside. Saturday night at a college campus. What else could anyone expect?

After realising her beer can was empty, she got up, sliding her ass against his dick as she did so. His adam’s apple rose and dropped as he swallowed the tension that was starting to arise. Damien excused himself from the group to grab himself a beer as well. Walking into the kitchen, he found Julie bending over and reaching into the fridge for a bottle of corona. As Julie stood up straight, she felt Damien right behind her. His lips an atom away from kissing her neck. Turning around, Julie leaned towards Damien. However, just before he could kiss her, she pulled away and walked outside.

Five minutes passed. Another five minutes passed. Five more minutes passed and the bottle of mango vodka that had just been opened was drained completely into the teenage mouths that craved the feeling of being completely loose and free.

Two by two, the group dispersed. Five people left, Damien and Julie being two of those five. Julie got up and Damien followed her lead and she went inside to grab her purse from the spare room.

She entered the room and turned around to find Damien at the door. He took one step forward and leaned his neck down to softly graze his lips against hers. After he pulled away, he looked at Julie’s lust-filled eyes and took a cue. Simultaneously, Damien closed the door and slammed Julie against it after he grabbed her by the waist, spinned her around, and kissed her hard.

With both their heads spinning, the collision of their lips satisfied much more of their needs than they could have imagined. Tugging at each others’ hair, they continued to swivel their heads as they made out to the chillstep in the background.

Feeling like they’re floating on air, the chillstep took them to eargasmic places, which added to the tension between them. He grinded up against her, rocking his hips back and forth, rubbing up and down her throbbing pussy.

After hearing people outside, the both of them stumbled for the closet and hid in there until the people left. All the while, Julie kissed Damien’s neck as she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them along with his boxers down. Once left alone, Damien somehow managed to lift Julie up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as her black skirt hiked up all the way.

Greeted with no underwear, Damien used one hand to quickly maneuver his way inside of her. Once in, he went back to supporting her by placing his hands on her tight ass and holding her up.

He cupped her mouth as she struggled to keep in a scream while he pushed his way into her. Resting her head on his shoulder, she used one arm for support and scratched his back with that hand. She bit the other one to prevent moans as he rammed her against the back of the closet over and over again.

Being in such a cramped space, they could both feel the closet violently shaking as the hangers rattled. However, after some time, all they could hear were their erratic breaths. Julie felt the sweat dripping from Damien’s body as she held onto his back for some sense of stability. Damien felt the sweat dripping from Julie’s body as it got harder to hold her up because of the lack of friction due to the sweat.

They paused.


Looked into each others’ eyes.

Shared half a kiss.

Then he went back to slamming her against the wall with a much stronger and faster force this time. Taken by surprise, Julie screamed out and it rung in his ears. All he could focus on right after was how much he wanted to be inside of her and how wet, tight, and warm her pussy was.

Her moans became shorter, louder, and closer together. Julie let out one final expression of pleasure however Damien hadn’t finished just yet. That last moan motivated him to thrust himself into her even more.

As her grip on him relaxed, he grabbed onto her ass even tighter, pulling it closer to him. With one final thrust, he blew his load in her and came to a sudden halt. Barely managing to let her down without dropping her, Damien helped Julie to stabilize her on her own two feet.

Damien pulled his boxers and jeans up and Julie pulled her skirt down. After fixing their own hair, they made their way out of the closet as if nothing happened and went out to smoke up with the three other people who were still there from before.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

OMG! Miley Cyrus! WTF are you doing?!

Why are more people concerned with Miley Cyrus's new video where she's swinging pretty much naked when people should actually be concerned with the fucking DEATH of an 8 YEAR OLD who was RAPED by her 40 YEAR OLD HUSBAND on the FIRST fucking NIGHT?!

Rape is disgusting. Most people just write it off as a guy's animalistic need. Why would you create someone like that? Where is your god now?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yay For Making The World A Better Place!

I was happily sitting in my room when my day took a toll for the worst. My aunt informed me about the 16 year old transgender who was murdered in Jamaica.

There are so many things I want to rant about.

Yesterday I attended a market day in Chicago attended by many people who believe in LGBT rights and it was the most amazing, lively, and happy event I've been to in a while.

Either way....people should be allowed to do what they want. Be who they want. Without every Jane and Jon Doe blabbering about how it is against nature, a crime against God, and all that bullshit.

It's not a choice, it's a desire. If it were a choice, I'm pretty sure people would prefer not to be scrutinised every single day for something that has nothing to do with anyone else but themselves. It's kind of like liking Durian. People who lack a certain chemical in their mouths like the taste of Durian, otherwise people hate it. Not that there is anything wrong with either person. Are you going to kill someone who likes Durian?

For the people who say that the world has improved and past the Hitler days of discrimination - you're wrong. Hitler only wanted the "Aryan" race to prevail (blonde-hair-blue-eyes race - which is kind of funny considering I'm technically a part of the Aryan race and I'm India with dark brown hair and eyes). He had this vision of an ideal race and pretty much abused and killed everyone who didn't match his ideal vision. So for anyone who's against the LGBT community....congratulations. You're following in Hitler's footsteps on a whole new and intense level - worldwide discrimination.

Yay for making the world a better place!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Highly Disturbed

I am highly disturbed.

My mum, a teacher, told me about one of the girls in her class. The girl kept pulling her shirt off her shoulder on one side. My mum told her not to and she said something along the lines of: No, it looks sexy.

In another incident: the girl was wearing a skirt with leggings. The skirt got wet so she took it off. My mother gave her another skirt and she refused to wear it claiming she looked "hot" in her skin-tight leggings.

She is three.

I don't blame the girl. It's not her fault that women everywhere are sexualised.

But either way - again - I am high disturbed.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'm Nerdy And I Know It

I was scrolling through the Yahoo news page when I saw the changes that were made to the new Barbie dolls. They were shorter with fuller figures. A lot of people think that this change is great because it is a more real representation of women today.

I call bull shit. There is no "real representation" of women nowadays. You have all sorts of women: tall, short, fat, skinny, muscular, curvy...the list goes on.

Why the fuck are people so angry about how typical models are not a good example teenage girls these days?

I mean....shouldn't we be focused on more important things. Like...I don't know....brains?

When was the last time you had a conversation like this:

you: hey, have you heard about that new girl?
friend: what about her?
you: apparently she is a total genius. I think I'll ask her for study tips.

Rather than:

you: hey, have you seen that new girl?
friend: what about her?
you: she's soooo pretty. I'm going to ask her how she does her make up.

I'm not perfect, I have conversations like the latter probably more often than the prior. The thing is that I don't like it and I'm trying to change.

Yes, it's a good thing that people are trying to make sure teenage girls don't starve themselves but I think people should be focussing more on how gifted all these individuals are.

I'd rather be called a nerd than hot.


I kind of just spaced out and boarded a random train of thoughts. I think I'm going to make a parody of "I'm Sexy And I Know It" - I'll change it to "I'm Nerdy And I Know It"

I'll post that when I'm done.

Right now I'm all talk but I'm working on it. I think a big part of this is realising this. So I guess I got that part down. Now only to act on it and hopefully inspire others to do so as well.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Intel From The Inside

BULLYING! Now hopefully that caught your attention. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a victim of constant abuse whether it be physical or emotional? I’ve never experienced physical bullying so I can’t really give you lucid insight, or any insight at all for that matter, on what it is really like. I can, however, indulge your curiosity by taking you to my world. Alright, time to answer some inane questions. I am a girl. I’m 165cm tall (5”5). I naturally have dark brown/black hair but I recently dyed it red. My irises are dark brown. I like my features. What I don’t like is my skin. Acne. Don’t we all just love us a sappy story about a teenage girl who gets bullied? Keep gets more interesting. I can assure you of that.

Want to know the more enticing factors of my life? I used to cut myself. I’ve been dependent on alcohol. I used to have bulimia. I JUST got over anorexia - anorexia is not a look, it’s a state of mind. I’ve tried killing myself - multiple times. Not as a cry for help but actually wanted to be dead. I guess that is a good thing to be bad at. And last but not least, I have bipolar disorder NOS (or so people seem to think - I’m still “young” so nothing is set in stone just as yet). Now hold on a second, it sounds like I’m endorsing all these habits by calling them enticing. Let me rephrase. Enticing yet HORRIBLE factors of my life.

Now that you know that about me. I can tell you about my personality. I’m a person who tends to “polarise” people (I believe that is the term my friend used). I don’t not agree with her (see what I did there? - double negatives are fun). It is more or less true. People either love me or hate me. I’m an intense person and I mean INTENSE! I see someone in pain and my heart literally starts hurting - no joke (you may think that just because I’m some silly teenager that I am exaggerating, but I can assure you I am not). Whatever feeling I’m feeling, I’m feeling it at 110%. No, that has nothing to do with bipolar. That kicks my feeling so it’s around 1000% (okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating here but you get the general idea). And for those of you who don’t know what bipolar disorder is, it’s a mood disorder. You want to know more about it? Google it because I’m not saying anymore on it. This article is about bullying, not bipolar disorder. By the way, the last thing I want this article coming off as is ‘woe is me’.

Being the kind of person I am, I get bullied a lot. People who don’t know me, hate me. People who truly know me, love me - or close enough; at least that is what they tell me. It’s as simple as that (that latter sentence was kind of random wasn’t it? In my defence, I’m writing whatever comes to mind). Moving on...let us get back on track. Where were we? Oh right! Got it! Bullying! And I don’t say that enthusiastically. People tend to pass around rude remarks. Everyone does it; it’s human nature. What isn’t human nature is to incessantly insult someone. My definition of bullying? Constant insults directed at one person by another person or a community. The insulting can be done either physically or emotionally. In my day and age, and community, the most common tactic used is cyber bullying. 

Cyber bullying. All the less impersonal, all the more accessible, a 100% guarantee in inflicting pain or your money back. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, God-knows-what-else; cyber bullying has become easier. On the bright side...EVIDENCE! If someone is repeatedly hurting you, SCREENSHOT IT! Save it in a folder and when you think there is plenty of evidence that someone or some people are bullying you, take it to a higher authority. A.K.A. your parents, or the school, or both. Some people might use the term ‘tattle-tale’ for this procedure. Obviously, they haven’t been bullied before. Don’t listen to those people. Do what is best for you. And take it from me, you don’t want to fight fire with fire. Insulting your bully back will make it worse for you and will ultimately make yourself a bully. We don’t want that now do we? I was working on my SAT essay and I felt so stupid that it had never occurred to me before. Fighting fire with fire just creates more fire. However, fighting fire with water, will get you results. Because guess what? Water puts out fire - if that wasn’t obvious enough.

In my old school, my close friend came up with this demeaning name for me but that was supposed to be just for fun. He and his friends then edited a photo for me and wrote that nickname on the photo along with a hitler mustache. I tried calling my close friend but I couldn’t reach him. So I called his house phone. His mum answered and I asked his mum to ask him to take it down. I explained to her that I wasn’t angry or anything but I just wanted it down. So his mum called him up while he was out with his friends and told him about our conversation. He was a little irked that I hadn’t gone straight to him, and I understand that - no excuses here, I should have waited and talked to him in person. Out of the friends he was hanging out with when his mum gave him that call was a girl named...let’s call her...Julia (real names will not be used as to protect the persons identity - like a superhero!!! Actually....more like a villain). Julia went home and posted that picture on her Facebook wall. The caption went something along the lines of this: “You pathetic girl. You think you can get rid of this picture by just a phone call? Well you can’t.” And that is all how it more or less started.

I talked to her nicely thrice but she gave me no choice other than to go to the school. I e-mailed the school telling them what she had done and they had a ‘talk’ with her. Well it was a pretty lax talk because nothing happened and the bullying just got worse. Her friends started pouncing on me saying that I could have gotten Julia into a lot of trouble. Oh, and did I tell you about this conversation between Julia and I? Let me just copy and paste some of the stuff she said to me.

[Julia Tassles]Report · 7:43pmuhm noyou wouldn't suit the colour i'm wearingcause its really lightand light colours make you look fat, whicjh you don't needyou need to wear black!cause its a slimming colout.*colour
[Julia Tassles]Report · 7:44pmyeah (:nevermindi'll be looking forward to seeing you at prom, looking uglier than ever ;);)
[Julia Tassles]Report · 8:01pmokayso1) lose weighta lot of weightespecially on your legs and bum2) don't dress so weirdly3) don't wear weird ass make up4) stop trying to be popular cause you never will be5) learn that the people in your grade, like liona and stuff, don't like you, they just make fun of youthey laugh at you, not wiht yo.
[Julia Tassles]Report · 8:05pmyou crying yet ?

I believe that is the night I slit my wrist. Thankfully it wasn’t deep enough to cause any serious damage...physically that is. My family was distraught, dejected, and devastated (I like alliteration - sorry, just trying to prevent this from getting too serious). Did you know that committing suicide in China is against the law. Don’t believe me? On another occasion when I overdosed on antibiotics (the first medicine I grabbed out of the drawer), the police came to investigate. Thankfully my dad’s secretary managed to avert the situation. Don’t ask me how, I’m just grateful that she did. Because if she hadn’t succeeded in doing so, there was a high possibility that I would have been deported from the country. My dad and mum would have had to take a job elsewhere. My sister and my education would have been uprooted. But no need to dwell on such dire measures. Just keep that in mind though. Killing yourself is not as easy as it seems, trust me on that one.

I could go on and on about all the bullying incidents that have happened to me but I don’t want to bore you. But before I do that, I should probably elaborate on how bad the bullying was because right now it just sounds like I’m whining about nothing. People used to walk past me in the corridor and say things like:

      • “Welcome to my site,”
      • “Call 123456 for a good time.”
      • “She’s so fat and ugly that she has to pay guys for sex.”
      • “I saw your porno last night. I should not have eaten right before. Threw up everywhere.”
      • “Ewww.”

That is more or less what people used to say. I don’t remember the exact words because it was a while ago.

Needless to say, bullying is NOT a fun experience. It isn’t the source of all my issues mentioned in the second paragraph, but it hasn’t exactly helped the situation either. Honestly, I could probably write a book about this, and maybe I will someday - who knows. But as of now, this is an article about a personal experience...a few personal experiences - anecdote’s if you will. I honestly don’t know what you could have gotten out of this, but I felt like writing it and so I did. I have, however, included some useful information. thing I forgot to mention. When you want to kill yourself, think of the person you love most in this world and imagine what it would do to her/him (her before him - feminism all the way :P). In my case, I think of my sister. It took me a while to figure out how to deal with suicidal thoughts, but here’s a tactic. The reason I am mentioning suicide is because bullying often leads to suicide.

Teachers: I know you’re mostly out of the loop on the children’s personal lives but if you see any signs of depression (wearing darker clothes, not handing in homework, greasier hair due to showering less often, dark circles, introversion), talk to the student. And if bullying is the cause of that, you have to understand that bullies bully for a reason. They have their own personal issues and insecurities too (for example, Julia probably called me fat because she was insecure about her weight). There should be repercussions as to what they have done, don’t get me wrong. But along with that, you could probably suggest counseling.

Parents: there is the old saying that ‘kids will be kids’, but take that with a grain of salt. If your kid ever comes to you, the last thing you want to do is push them away. In doing so, you convince your kid that you think their problems are nothing of significance.

Friends: stick up for your friend! Watching a crime being done and being silent about it is just as bad, if not worse than performing the actual crime. I understand that you wouldn’t want to be bullied but there is power in numbers.

You, yes you. The one being bullied: I’m sorry, hun. I wouldn’t even wish bullying upon my bullies. But you know what? It made me stronger. These bullies, do you respect them(rhetorical question - teehee)? Why care about what they say then? If you don’t respect them, then their opinions shouldn’t matter to you. I know telling you to ‘stay strong’ is easier said than done - I of all people would know - but it can be done! Lean on people you love if you have to. It’s not fair that you have to stay strong the entire process. There are people out there who love you. Don’t take them for granted but realise that they’re there to help and support you.

Bullies: calling someone ugly, isn’t going to make you any prettier. Calling someone fat, isn’t going to make you any thinner. Calling someone stupid, isn’t going to make you any smarter. Putting someone down, isn’t going to make you any better of a person.

Nevertheless, there IS hope. I’m 18 and have graduated. I’m going to an AMAZING university - frankly, I’m surprised they accepted me with my less-than-pleasing GPA. I don’t have JUST friends. I have friends who are family. I’ve told them that they ruined the definition of friendship for me because they made it mean a whole lot more. I’m in a good place and am happy for the most part - everyone has ups and downs.

Here is me trying to reach out to you people. Hopefully I have. Hopefully.